Thursday, August 13, 2009


so i tried uploading a video to my youtube thats my "20 questions tag" but youtube isnt letting me upload it :( FUDGE, i know. but anyways, i talked about 3 different products. my favorite moisturizer, my mac bronzer, and my revlon nude attitude lipstick and i promised swatches and pictures on my blog, so here they are..sorry ill try to get this video up soon i promise!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lalala Intro to ME!

hey everyone, obviously new to this blog site so bear with me please :). my name is monika and im 17, 18 in April, yay! im outgoing, im fun, im nice, and ill help you with any questions you may have, just ask away. I promise ill keep you updated and informed on any new products/news. I also just made a brand new guru youtube account under fabulousglam05 so you should check that out, ill be posting a video soon thatll just be an intro on what to expect. Thanks for reading, and follow me :). Any suggestions just leave me a comment!!